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This part of the site is dedicated to our Japanese language class in Paris, France. As a person consulting this page in English, you might be rather interested in studying French with us, to do so, click here.


A.A.A. is a school specialized into education and research on linguistics, including the japanese language. Within our doors, you’ll be in Japan without leaving Paris!

A.A.A. takes pride into being the only institute in Europe offering classes that range from the complete beginner level, up to the study of Japanese philosophy and litterature.

Why choose A.A.A. as your school?

Every day, there are about 300 japanese people that come to our school for their studies, personnal or profressonnal activities. Therefore, it is easy for any of our students to engage conversation frequently with japanese people. If need be, we can provide help to help students find suitable conversation partners.

We arrange and plan our classes to make progress as perceptible as humanly possible: every day must be a step forward. Not only for your japanese grammar, but also for you as a person.

Our 16 teachers all have degrees delivered by the japanese Ministry of Culture, and were selected by our own entry exam. By comparing the japanese language with the French or English language, these teachers work on perfecting their linguistics every day.

You will be able to enjoy freely the activities you organize with your japanese friends.

With us, you are in Japan and you will become a Japanese!