Our objective as a language school

Therefore, the independant AAA language institution strives to offer advantages such as participation in some free classes and some free cultural activities, we also offer competitive prices and help you to find affordable housing.

Indeed, we believe that the real advantage of studying at AAA independant institution is to be able, while studying, to learn more about one’s own life as a human being. By studying a language and experiencing it firsthand through culture, we believe that one can forge a stronger spirit.

Visiting AAA isn’t only about learning French language. It is about building a career and giving a sense to life. It is simply about learning more about oneself, by experiencing, through life in a foreign country, the culture shock of entering a new world, source of emotion, joy, regrets, sometimes sadness, but also accomplishment.

The AAA language school perceives the words building the language through the angle of these emotions, and their link to listening and talking. For those who come study with us, there is no standard French language, but rather individual French words with their own specific traits. The belief that justifies the existence of our school, is that words are merely the mirror of one’s soul.

With AAA school, do more than visiting France : Become yourself a part of France !rolex replica