Learn French

Studying French with AAA

AAA strives to offer the best program and environment in order to learn French, providing many free options in addition to the general French course.

This figure offers a summary of the synergy between activities that we wish our students to experience :


In this way, students can not only learn the French language but can also make good friends through communication during the learning process. French teachers also learn, through teaching, their true role as educators.

AAA supports your initiative

Feel free to contact us at the reception about language exchange. We will introduce you to French students who are the best match for your level.

Taking general French course and free workshops, participating in the reading circle and language exchange are enough to acquire the language. Of course, preparation and reviews of each lesson are also necessary.

In total, you will study approximately 50 to 60 hours per week. There is no “magic” to be able to speak French within a short period of time. You just need to prepare, attend the course and review what you’ve studied everyday! Then, you can test yourself by participating in one or more of the proposed free activities as many times as possible.

The language exchange with French students should be also organized as often and with as many people as you like!

The most important thing is to be active to learn and speak! With a passive attitude, one can never succeed in language and in life.

At AAA, we want you to be active and successful, and we’ll do everything to allow you to be that way!

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