Visa & Residence card in France

The main type of visa

Student visa

The long student visa (VLS-TS) can be issued to those who enroll in an education instituition in France. This long student visa valide for 4 – 12 months. It is possible to renew it in France. With this visa, the holder’s can work maximum of 964 hours per year.

  • Concerning the application for a student visa in your country of residence : More information
  • Concerning the renewal the student visa : Please consult the website of the prefecture where you live.

Visiter visa

The visitor visa allows the holder to reside in France for various reasons. It is possible to renew this visa in France. The holder couldn’t work in France.

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Working holiday visa

The working holiday visa can be issued to young people between 18 and 30 years old (35 years old for Argentina, Australia and Canada) who wish to discover the other culture while working.

Valide for 1 year

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Other types of visa

Professional reasons

Employee, temporary worker, Freelance visa are available for those who need to work in France.

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Family reasons

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Tourism / Private stay

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Validation of the student visa (VLS-TS) after arrival in France

Foreign student must validate their student visa(VLS-TS) and pay the tax within 3 months of their arrival in France.

Validate your student visa (VLS-TS)