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It is possible, despite the confinement, to take courses in very good conditions. And that is why we recommend you strongly our online courses.


The ones who want to concentrate on learning French, the ones who work during the day and can only attend classes in the evening, the ones who want to stay short term in France by taking advantage of the program include French classes and accommodation, and the ones who want to learn French through the language exchange with French students…

Everyone has diffrent purpose and a right learning method to learn French.

AAA offers you varied French courses so that you can choose a perfect French course according to your needs, your goal and your private life.

In addition, we recommend that you take a free trial lesson before your registration, as we prepare that you make a decision after really enjoyed our French classes.


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  • Internship program

See below, for the following informations :


AAA’s French Level

Intensive Course / General French Course

AAA’s French course is divided into more levels than the other schools. Even if you are not used to learning European languages, you can learn and improve French step by step.


A1 A1-1
A2 A2-1
B1 B1-1
B2 B2
C1 C1

To know about our evening and summer courses’ French levels and details, click here.



Exam weeks

Intensive course / General French course

Oral test Writing test
5th week of every session 6th week of every session

For more information about the exams, please consult the page of each course type.


Evening Course

Each teacher organizes an exam during class.


Session & Registration dates

The sessions of intensive courses and semi-intensive courses of period of 2019-2020 start from Monday, September 2nd, 2019 to Friday, July 3rd, 2020.

The sessions of intensive courses and semi-intensive courses of period of 2020-2021 start from Monday, September 31st, 2020 to Friday, July 2nd, 2021.

You can register every Monday, till the 3rd week of every session.

Furthermore,  if you are a beginner who has never learned French before, we advise you to start from the first day of each session.


the begin of sessions [2019-2020]
1st session September 2nd, 2019
2nd session October 14th, 2019
3rd session November 25th, 2019
4th session January 20th, 2020
5th session March 2nd, 2020
6th session April 14th, 2020
7th session May 25th, 2020
the begin of sessions [2020-2021]
1ère session 31st August 2020
2ème session 12th October 2020
3ème session 23 rd November 2020
Vacances de Noël* 21 st December 2020 – 1st January 2021
4ème session 18th January 2021
5ème session 1st March 2021
6ème session 12th April 2021
7ème session 25th May 2021

For more information about the session and the registration dates, you can consult the page of each course type or the “Registration” page.



AAA 2019-2020 Annual planning

Download AAA French courses schedule.

AAA 2019-2020 Academic Calendar

Download AAA 2019-2020 calendar.

AAA 2020-2021 Annual planning

AAA 2020-2021 Academic Calendar

How to get enrolled?

We recommend that you take a level test * and take a trial lesson before your registration. The level test and the trial lesson are free.

* Unless you know your exact French level or if you are a beginner.

For more information about enrolment, click-here.