Bank account

Open the bank account in France

The bank close to AAA school : LCL

  • Adresse:32 AVENUE DE L’OPERA 75002 PARIS Plan
  • An annual account maintenance fee is available only for a student in 1€ in the LCL bank.
  • At first stream down that you want to establish an account in bank counters,you take a meeting with them in english.
  • The necessary documents are a passport, house proof, admittatur of the schools.
  • When you make a contract of the account establishment, I order a card and a checkbook necessary for everyday life.I may not use the check routinely in Japan, but am convenient when there is not a possession of a shop and the small change which a card cannot use even if there is trouble to show an identification of social position in France.
  • In addition, house insurance may be recommended, but is all right if you decline it without interest clearly.
  • In addition, after account establishment, please be careful to use an ATM machine of the LCL bank when you draw cash by a card. A cash drawer is possible, but even an ATM machine of other banks costs a fee.