French Courses – Living in France to learn more

French Courses – Living in France

🎖Course Objective

The French course – Living in France aims to develop all language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, at a pace suitable for parents of pupils and au pairs.

👪 Public
All levels, at least ≥18 years old.
📚 Course contents

This is a general French course that trains participants in 4 language skills: oral and written comprehension, oral and written expressions. The advancement of the “French course – living in France” is scheduled so that participants can complete a small level in 10 weeks (1 trimester).

Practical information

Calendar and opening date


* 1 trimester = 10 weeks, no lessons during school holidays




13h30-15h30, Monday & Thursday


Text book

* Where to buy the manual? Consider purchasing the manual after passing the placement test.

Number of participants per class: max 12 learners