Free trial | French courses

Come to AAA to try the free trial lesson!

At AAA, you can try for free French course that is appropriate

Finally you have arrived in France, You will want to learn the French language! To learn French, you should be obliged to take attend a language school.

But which school do you have to choose from among bunch of language schools in Paris?

In addition, school expenses are quite expensive. You say to yourself “I would like to attend French classes”, but it is always easy to say but difficult to do. Maybe you think, if you have to take French course for 2 – 3 months and pay around 800 €, you may prefer to taste French cuisine or go shopping.

Of course tasting a good meal will remain a very good memory, and buying an item you desire will always be valuable. However, learning and mastery a language will become the intellectual heritage that can be preserved for the rest of your life, which will benefit you from unforgettable knowledge and experience.


And that’s why you’re spending the fairly expensive amount that much, you should cautiously choose.

So, AAA recommends that you attend on a trial lesson before your registration, because we prefer that you decide to take our courses when you really think, “AAA’s French courses are excellent values “, “At AAA , I could have remarkable experiences worth more than the course fee “.

If you are interested in our French courses, come first to attend a free trial lesson!

Generally, you can perform one-time trial courses in the following cases:

  • French course that you attended was not adapted for your French level.
  • You want to take two different courses.

In addition, you can try Salon d’échanges, language exchange within Asian and French students,in twice.

* Please note that you can not take a trial lesson on the exam days (Friday of the 5th week and Monday of the 6th week of every session).


How do I take a trial course?

You do completely not need to make an appointment in advance to take a trial course. We can make your visitor card, if you come to the reception 10 -15 minutes before the course.

  1. Come to school’s reception or send us an email to tell us that you want to take a trial class.
  2. Set the date of your trial course.
  3. We will prepare your visitor card.
  4. Pick up your visitor card at the reception.
  5. On the trial class day you can go directly to your classroom and ask to your teacher to sign on the visitor card.
  6. After class, come back to reception for registration if you decide to take our course, otherwise you can also talk to the staff if you have any questions.