Practical Issues


Your Daily Life in France

In our school, we believe that the true way of learning a language and its culture go through a complete immersion in the local lifestyle.

Learning French means understanding what is hidden behind the actual words : the lifestyle and philosophy of French people.

Of course, we are aware that although living in a foreign country is incredibly rewarding, it is also a difficult experience. This is why we wish to help you by sharing some important information.

Administrative Aspects


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To be able to live and study in France, it is imortant to have a VISA and/or other necessary official documents.

We offer you the necessary information as well as links to the websites of organizations that will be able to help you.

Life in Paris

There is more to Paris than the Eiffel Tower This is an unique city with its unique architecture and rules.

In order to help you, we provide you with some information and website links about the topics of transportation, food, librairies…


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Paris is a beloved city, which means that finding an appartement can prove to be quite a challenge : they usually aren’t available for long, and the prices can be pretty high.

To provide assistance, AAA and ALFJ are working together to provide housing for our students.

Insurance Policies

Both for legal and safety reasons, it is often necessary to subscribe to an insurance policy when traveling for an extended period of time.

If you still haven’t subscribed to a suited insurance policy, we suggest you consult this page.


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Working in France


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Working part time during your studies is the best way to practice the French language, and can help you finance your life in France as well.

In order to allow you to meet this objective, AAA can provide information and assist with procedures.

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