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Official examinations DALF, DELF, and TCF

It is important for a student to validate his French language level in an official way.

For this purpose, we encourage our students to take the examinations DALF / DELF and TCF. For this purpose, AAA proposes even specialized courses in the preparation of these examinations.

These two examinations are proposed by the France Education International(FEI).

The International Center of Educational Studies(FEI)

The FEI is a French institute possessing the exclusive right to deliver the official examinations of the French language, as well as the corresponding official diplomas.

If you are interested in these examinations, we recommend you to visit the official site of the FEI for all the details.

Examinations DALF and DELF

DELF and DALF are the official diplomas issued by the French Ministry of National Education, to certify the French language skills of foreign candidates and French nationals from a non-French-speaking country who do not hold a secondary or higher  French education diploma.  The DELF consists of 4 independent diplomas, and 2 diplomas for the DALF, corresponding to the four levels of the European Standard of Reference for Languages.

Why take DELF / DALF?

  1. French skills officially recognized in your daily life.
  2. Certifications recognized worldwide.
  3. Your international mobility, easier student and professional life.
  4. Possibility of getting enrolled by a university in France (with a B2 or higher level diploma) without additional language test.
  5. Diplomas recognized by French-speaking universities worldwide from Belgium to Canada.
  6. A real asset for your professional career, to work in, a French-speaking country or a region with a bilingual working environment.
Information of exam calendar in test center


How to prepare DELF/DALF?


THE next AAA PARIS “Prep DELF/DALF” will start in February 2021.

For more information about our courses, please click  “Prépa DELF/DALF”: