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AAA Paris makes effort to answer your frequent questions so that you can find your questions without waiting for our answers on email or social networks.

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Regarding Registrations

I would like to register for French lessons but I do not know my level of French.
You can take a placement test before registering.
How can I take a placement test? Is it free?

It is simple and 100% free !!

Send us a message of “Placement test reservation” by clicking here

Tell us your name, surname and e-mail address.

We will send you your username, password and information on how our placement test will be carried out.

Are there deadlines for registration?
In order to guarantee your place, we advise you to register at least 2 weeks before the start of the course.
Is there a reduction for people over 65 or for the disabled?

Yes, there is a 15% discount for the following people:

  • disabled,
  • +65 years old.
Can I obtain an internship agreement?
Yes, you must register for an intensive course (+ terms).
what are the payment options available?
  • Bank card: VISA, Master Card
  • Check: issued by French banks,
  • Cash on site,
  • Bank transfer (ask for the establishment’s RIB).
Can I pay the tuition in installments?
Unfortunately, we do not accept payment in installments. We only accept one-time payment.

About the courses

Are the teachers French?
Yes, our teachers are native, qualified and experienced.
How many weeks does an intensive course session last?
A session takes place in 6 weeks.
When do the exams take place?

At mid-session (3rd week) and at the end of the session (end of 5th week and start of 6th week).

What if I can't take the exams?
You must justify your absence with a valid reason before the exam date and schedule an individual remedial session with the professor in charge during the exam week.
What if I want to change level (class)?

You must make your request in writing to the current teacher and to the teacher of the new class, obtain their agreement and return the signed form to the administration to report the change.

What is the rate of progression of the levels?
  • A1 = 12 weeks,
  • A2 = 18 weeks,
  • B1= 18 weeks,
  • B2 = 18 – 24 weeks,
  • C1 circular progression.

Visa and residence permit

How many sessions do I have to register to renew my student residence permit?
To renew your residence permit or long-stay “student” visa, we recommend that you register for at least 6 sessions (36 weeks).
How do you reimburse me in case of visa refusal?

We will refund the amount you paid less € 250.

For example, you paid € 3,495. We will reimburse you € 3,245.

General informations

What are the opening dates?

AAA is open all year round except on public holidays and during the Christmas holidays (from 19/12/2020 to 03/01/2021).

What are the class times?
It depends on your level and the type of course you choose. Usually the morning class starts at 9 a.m. And the evening one starts at 8 p.m.
Are there lessons on public holidays?
No, we don’t have lessons on public holidays.


How many days can I receive a document?
The issuance of the following documents: registration certificate, attendance certificate and transcript generally takes 7 working days.


Do you have accommodation to offer me?

Unfortunately, we have no accommodations. However, you can search through the sites below;

Can I stay with a host family?

Yes, we work with a host family agency. Please contact us via the contact form.