Cours Mixtes | Language exchange

Learn French talking with French students in our Language exchange class!

Cours Mixtes is the language exchange within French students and Foreign students, teach each other their languages and cultures.

What is the best way to improve your French oral level?

If you live in France, meet French friends and speak in French without being afraid to make mistakes is the best way to learn.

However, some of you do not have the opportunity to meet French people or do not have the courage to speak French.

In this case, we offer Cours mixtes!

Of course, advanced students who want to improve their French speaking skill are also welcome!

Dates Time Location
Every Thursday  6:15pm – 7:45pm  AAA PARIS – 21 rue d’Antin 75002 Paris


The characteristic of Cours Mixte is a mutual teaching between the students, however the native French animator / teacher, fluent in Japanese, prepare varied and interesting themes each week.

You can learn French more naturally, for example by making pancakes or onigiri (typical Japanese cuisine, rice ball) with your side of the Japanese and / or French.

Tuition Fee

AAA’s student  Public
Free  4 weeks(8 times) : 79€*

*You cans take trial lessons in twice.

For further information, please contact us