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Student Insurance

Medical insurance is legally mandatory if you live in France as a student. Unfortunately, our school is not able to offer the benefits from the national health care insurance.

However, we can offer you to purchase medical insurance as well as the “responsabilité civile” insurance with SMEREP, a partner organization.

If you’d rather rely on a private independent company, you can request to do so. You can find the details below.

Our Offers

Offer 1 : The “assurance tranquillité” is a standard medical insurance. It is possible to purchase this insurance for 1 or 3 months at once.

We suggest you to not extend this contract after 3 months since strangers living in France for more than 3 months in a row can benefit from CMU, a free healthcare plan.

Click here to learn more about CMU

This table indicates the amount you’ll be refunded for medical expenses when subscribing “assurance tranquillité” :

Type of medical expense “Base 100%”
Hospitalization, Surgery
Surgery and other procedures :
– Medical procedures above 120 €
– Medical procedures below 120 €
– Daily hospitalization fee (18€/day or 13,50€/day for psychiatry)
Physicians-Medical Drugs-Vaccines
– Generalist Physicians
– Specialized Physicians
– Necessary Med. Drugs (white crossed sticker)
– Standard Med. Drugs (white sticker)
– Confort Med. Drugs (blue sticker)
– All vaccines
(if approved by government regulations when given)
Surgery without hospitalization :
Medical procedures above 120 €
Medical procedures below 120 €
Dentstry procedures
Biological Analysis
Biological Sampling
Medical Assistant
Medical Transportation

Offer 2 : “responsabilité civile” (civil responsibility) is a specific type of insurance.

This insurance protects you if you are responsible for an accident at your school, workplace, or during a sport activity. Having sich an insurance is mandatory if you work or take vocational training in France. It can cover costs relative to collateral damage to an extent.

Warning ! A purchased “responsabilité civile” insurance ends on September 30th.
If you do not wish to pay for a whole new year, you have to extend your SMEREP “responsabilité civile” pack for the following year. To do so, you must send a registered letter with a recorded delivery before July 30th (template available below)

Insurance Fees

Type of offer Duration Total Fee Insurance Fee Application Expenses
1 month 52€ 42€ 10€
3 months 109€ 99€ 10€
1 year
(from the day of purchase until September 30th of the current year)
23€ 13€ 10€
Download PDF about “Assurance Tranquilité” (french)
Assurance_Tranquilite_FR.pdf ( 442 Ko )
Download PDF about “responsabilité civile” (french)
Responsabilite_Civile_FR.pdf ( 1026 Ko )

Note : If you purchase both insurance and “responsabilité civile” simultaneously, the application expenses are 15€ instead of 20€. For instance if you purchase both “assurance tranquillité” for 3 months and your “responsabilité civile” you will pay 99+13+15=127 euros instead of 132 euros.

Application Procedure

To obtain medical insurance, you must absolutely be a student (at AAA or elsewhere). Once the application process is complete, your insurance becomes active the day following the payment day.

Procedure to obtain an insurance certificate

  1. Get a copy of the insurance request form
    You can download the forms for the various insurance policies below, or obtain forms directly at AAA when it is openend (11AM-19PM). Address is
    21 Rue d’Antin 75002 Paris.
  2. Fill up this form correctly
  3. Come pay at AAA (21 Rue d’Antin 75002 Paris) in cash or with a check to “ALFJ”, no credit cards
  4. Present your student card or your application certificate
  5. Around 3 weeks later, you will receive the certificate at your home

What is the CMU healthcare ?

CMU means “Couverture Maladie Universelle” and provides medical insurance for all people who reside in France in a regular and prolonged fashion

If you have lived for 3 months in France, you can make a request to obtain CMU. However, once the request is done, the process takes 3 to 4 months to complete, which is why we offer private medical insurance to wait.

How can I request a CMU policy?

You have to contact the official “caisse primaire d’assurance maladie” organization (CPAM) office affiliated to your residence.

Documents required to obtain CMU

You must fill the application form available on the website, and provide a delaration of annual revenue, both must be delivered together.

A photocopy of your passport, a “titre de séjour” (french residence permit. If you do not have it yet, promess of delivery by government is acceptable).

If you’ve been living in France for more than 3 months :

  • Any document proving you’ve been living in France (3 month old lease, buywatches  rent bill, electricity bill, certificate by landlord).

If you have benefited French Healthcare before :

  • your “carte vitale” and the certificate that was delivered with it.
Download PDF relatice to obtaining CMU
CMU_Formulaire_FR.pdf ( 314 Ko )

For more information on CMU you can consult the official site : http://www.cmu.fr/site/index.php4

AAA insurance help desk :

For more information on “assurance maladie” and “responsabilité civile”, you can also e-mail AAA at this address: alfjalfj@gmail.com.

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