Mobile phone

The purchase of the cell-phone(Prepaid card type)

Shop close to AAA school : SFR

  • Adresse:43-45 AVENUE DE L’OPERA 75002 PARIS
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  • It is a prepaid card-type cell-phone to line up in the shop innermost.
  • Please call a salesclerk if you choose the favorite cell-phone.「S’il vous plaît.」
  • 「I would like to have that mobile phone.」「Je voudrais ce portable.」
  • The next moves to the cash register and shows a passport and the present address necessary for a contract.
  • Charge for a call 5 euros is charged when I purchased it.
  • 「Please put a charge for XXX€.」「Pouvez-vous me mettre une recharge pour XX euros.」
  • Finally they will ask about the payment method.「par carte = By card」、「par espèce = by cash」、「par chèque = by check」

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