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Confinement is not an obstacle to learn French in the best possible conditions. This is why AAA Paris took measures immediately which allow its students to continue their courses online with their teachers. The running of these courses is close to the presential courses in a classroom. Students could ask their teacher questions, and they could also communicate with their classmates during the exercise in small groups, just like a course in a classroom.

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Our Advantages

A professional and experienced teaching team A professional and experienced teaching team

A team skillful in online teaching technique
A integret platform of online teaching
Educational follow-up
It is just like the course in a classroom and provides good training support for students through necessary procedure
classes of same level members
Multilingual Online Reception
Free Trail Class
Optional activities
One-to-One tutoring, Language exchange etc..


Our French Online Course

Intensive Courses

The intensive courses is composed of 20 hours’ courses per week, and adapt to all levels. It consists of general French courses: grammar and vocabularies, oral and written comprehension, oral and written expressions, as well as thematic courses

Semi-intensive Courses

The semi-intensive courses are composed of 9 hours’ courses per week, and adapt to all levels. It is classical French learning based on oral and written comprehension and expression.

Evening Course

Evening classes have 3 hours’ courses per week. It allows you to acquire language skills, and meet your tight schedule at the same time.

Methology of Online Course


This APP is specially designed for online courses. It is easy to use and could simulate in the great extend  the classroom atmosphere. Its features include: raising your hand to answer the questions, group discussions, presentations, surveys, etc.

Teaching Ressources

Our cloud will allow you to access the educational resources of your class as well as to submit your homework and tests online.

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Educational Follow-up

Clear and defined objectives and homework to assist students in their learning.

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Level test, mid-term and end-of-term tests to ensure knowledge acquisition.

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Organisation of optional activities

Tutoring: Tuesday & Thursday 14h~16h
Bridge your knowledge gap with professor’s face-to-face assistance

Registration Instruction
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