About AAA Language school

General information of A.A.A.


“Etablissement d’enseignement supérieur privé A.A.A.”

Registered by “Rectorat de Paris”

  • Address : 21 rue d’Antin 75002 Paris France
  • Nearby Subway stations : “Opéra”, “4 Septembre” ou “Pyramides”
  • Our phone number : +33 (0)
  • Our E-mail : contact@aaa-paris.com 


A.A.A. is an institute dedicated to teaching foreign languages and to cultural exchange.

Located rue d’Antin, near by Opréra Garnier, the school offers students for total language immersion while enjoying the city of light.

From the hall to the classroom, each space invites for intercultural and multilingual exchange.


The history of AAA

1989 Association des Amities Asiatiques (AAA) was established.
1989 French language course was started for the Japanese.
1990 Japanese language course was started for the French.
1991 French-Japanese bilingual education program for children was launched, tying up with St.Joseph Catholic School.
1994 AAA was officially recognized as a school of vocational training (French course for professionals and enterprises.
1995 AAA was officially authorized by French Ministry of Education.
1996 Dormitory of AAA was started.
1997 Scholarship program was launched.
1998 Started dispatching French teachers to Japan and Korea.
1999 AAA was authorized by the “Direction départementale du travail et de l’emploi”, giving our foreign students the possibility to work part-time in France.
2004 Opened courses for Chinese students.
2005 AAA Shanghai was established in Shaghai, China.
2008 AAA Shenzhen was established in Shenzhen, China.
2010 The first version of our custom E-learning sofware started being used internally for our classes

Those years of experience form our treasure, and it is this value that we wish to share with you.

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