Housing service l Accommodation in Paris

Do you want to live in Paris?
Enjoy AAA’s housing service!

AAA Housing Department

Our Housing department’s task is to propose our accommodations to foreign students who find a housing in Paris

Our objective is helping foreigners to solve their problems : Language barrier, Administrative procedure, cultural difference, etc.

We are not a real estate agency. AAA’s here for supporting you.

What do AAA housing sevice do ?

AAA’s housing service provide for you different housing types in Paris and around Paris, student dormitories, studios, and home stays, according your needs : budget, location, room type, etc.

We also help you to apply housing benefit.

AAA’s students take priority,however, non AAA’s students can also take an advantage of our housing service.
Meanwhile, Non AAA’s students’ rent is lightly expensive than AAA students’ rent that benefit by special price.

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Application and contract

Rent and utility fee are fixed according to the duration of stay : Long-term or short-term.

Long-term stay Short-term stay
3 months and over Less than 3 months

1. Reservation Fee

After having contacted us by mail or telephone, you should pay reservation fee* to confirm your reservation. Beware, we can’t garantee your accommodation before settling your reservation fee.

Long-term stay Short-term stay
330 € 10% of rent
*Non refundable

2. Security Deposit

At the moment of moving in the accommodation, It is necessary that you pay security deposit set by the rent.

Long-term stay Short-term stay
Equal to a month’s rent No security Deposit

3. House insurance

If you didn’t have house insurance, you should pay 11€ per month as house insurance. If you already have a house insurance, you should submit your house insurance certificate.


4. Document required

  • 2 ID pictures
  • 1 ID card : passport, visa, residence permit, etc
  • house insurance certificate (if you already have one)

*Merci de préparer tous les frais à régler lors de votre emménagement :

  • A month’s rent
  • Security deposit,
  • House insurance fee (If you don’t have one)


  1. Contact us to know our accommodation availablity and explain us which housing type you want to take.
  2. If your accommodation is available, choose it.
  3. Pay reservation fee. (You can also pay a month’s rent, security deposit, and house insurance fee at the same time.)
  4. We will give you proof of residence.
  5. Set the date and time of your arrival

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