Change the social position to a work visa of by studying abroad in France by a student

It is necessary for the social position change from a student even at least for three months.If ability is evaluated from the part-time job, and the social position change to a work visa is suggested, we warn you on the expiration date of the stay permit and take it into account for the run-up, and let’s push forward a procedure.

Step 1: the temporary application of the social position change to the prefectural office

  • Required document:Passport, stay permit, house proof, temporary employment agreement
  • Application(in Paris):Centre des étudiants étrangers, 92 boulevard Ney 75018 Paris
  • Man to Fri/1.30AM – 4.00PM

Step 2:prepare documents necessary for application(Original+Copy)

The documents which employment prepares

  • Cover letter
  • Documents which proves a job offer to Pole Emplois
  • Every month to URSSAF or quarterly premium application
  • Company rule
  • Register of the company
  • Written application1:CERFA 9661-02 Contrat de travail pour travailleur étrangers non agricole
  • Written application2:Engagement de versement de la redevance forfaitaire

Documents to prepare by yourself

  • Passeport,stay permit
  • Detailed resume
  • The qualification that was translated into French
  • Cover letter
  • House proof
  • Identity picture

Step3:Notice of result

You submit documents, and a result arrives by mail within three months, but anything goes by yourself without communication to the prefectural office and usually refers.

If documents examination does not have any problem, and a street, result communication arrive, the employment pays money of employment of foreigners burden. And you undergo a medical examination and am social position change procedure completion.

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