Public transport

Subway / bus / tram

With the Navigo pass, you can go anywhere you want in Ile-de-France. You can buy your Navigo pass at the RATP’s ticket office or online. 

If you wish to subscribe to the “imagine R” (special student pass), you must bring your certificate and be under 26 years old. 

Un ticket = 1.9€ in Paris

Regarding the RER, the fare is depending on your destination.

In Paris, there are many types of public transportation :

  • RER (Réseaux Express Régional) : It serves Paris and around the Paris (Ile-de-France). There are 5 lines. 
  • Subway : The subway is the most fastest and most economical way to get around Paris. The Paris subway consists of 16 lines.
  • Bus : You can discover the city  of Paris by taking the bus. Because of traffic jam, it takes longer than the subway.
  • Tramway : Tramway goes around the Paris. There are 4 lines. 


Navigo  Imagine R
1 month 75,20€
12 months  872,20€ 350€

Offical website RATP :