Buy a traffic commuter pass in Paris

Student discount”imagine R”
Common commuter pass”NAVIGO”

Student discount (26 years old or younger)imagine R

This student discount applies to a student 26 years or younger.(Fee:314€/year)If there is this commuter pass, means of transportation metro /RER, bus, tramway in the Paris city, all are available. In addition, how about visiting Versailles palace and the Fontainebleau castle in fine spring on the weekend and the holiday because I can act freely if it is Ile-de-France range? How to buy “imagine R”

  • After June, I can receive an application every year at a counter of RATP which is near the wicket of the nearest metro.
  • I fill out an application and I put a photograph and mail it to the following address.(The payment method becomes a check payment or the direct debit.)

Agencu for “imagine R”, 95905 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex 9 Tél : 09 69 39 55 55 Buy “imageR” in renual

  • An application necessary for update arrives by mail every year in about the end of May. Ask it at the nearest RATP counter when an application does not arrive.
  • I mail it to the address same as the first year after entry to an application. Is RATP counter with these documents and commuter pass later because confirmation documents arrive; or re-with an automatic machine of RATP; charge it.

Common commuter passNAVIGO

How to buy “NAVIGO”

  • Web siteRATP
  • I fill in necessary information and transmit an identification photograph.Commuter pass NAVIGO arrives by mail later.
  • I can purchase the commuter pass of the next month every month from after 20th.

Rate in the Paris city

  • 1week:19.80€
  • 1month:65.10€