Working in France

Working in France with Part-Time Jobs

The regulations on foreign student’s work permit have been changed since July 2007.

1 : Preliminary conditions

Requesting the temporary work permit from DDTEFP is no longer necessary. Foreign students are allowed to work with a valid residence permit (titre de sejour) or any equivalent official documents under the condition of renewing the permit. Authorized working time has been also changed from 50% to 60% of a full-time job (964hours per year).

Case 2 : Administrative rules for your employer

An employer must report to the prefecture corresponding to where the employee lives 48 hours before the contract starts. Followings are the documents to be submitted:

  • Name of company, employer and address. All detailed information about the company.
  • Name, nationality and date of birth of employee.
  • Starting date of contract.
  • Reason to hire the employee, contract period and working hours.
  • Number of the employee’s “carte de séjour”.

Case 3 : Consequences of non-compliance

If employer failed to report to the prefecture, the employer would be brought to justice. In addition, when a foreign student worked longer than the authorized hour, the residence permit of the student could be forfeited.